14 Important Tips For Bathroom Refurbishment

Read these 14 important tips for bathroom refurbishment from our pro renovation contractors in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor:

1. Get rid of the squat toilet, install a siphonic one-piece seating toilet. bathroom-cabinets

2. Bathroom cabinet and wall mounted shelving above wash basin makes the space beautiful and practical to use.

3. In old houses with insufficient water pressure, water heaters , showers etc. must be selected according to the strength of the water pressure.

4. The pipes of many old houses are made of metal and rust inside pipes can restrict flow of water. Consider installing new piping and remove or conceal the the old piping.

5. Toilet in old houses do not have electrical power socket outlets. If smart toilets are used after refurbishment, then additional electrical outlets must be planned and installed.shower-glass-partition

6. The structure of old houses is not reinforced to withstand heavier objects. Do not install excessive heavy sanitary ware or bath tubes that are likely to damage the structure of the floor.

7. Separate the wet and dry area by installing a glass partition for the shower area.

8. Improve the lightings in the toilet.

9. Choose warm colours make the entire space lively and beautiful.

10. Adding a large mirror makes the space look larger.

11. Whether it is a partial renovation or an overall renovation, waterproofing is necessary to prevent water seepage into adjoining rooms.

12. For old people and people who have lost mobility and strength, standing in a shower for a long time isn’t possible, and getting in and out of a bathtub is a risky Installing grab bars and rails in the shower, bathtub and near the toilet makes it easier not only for the elderly person, but for the caregiver as well. bathroom-lever-faucet

13. Lever faucets remove need for the twisting and turning that can be difficult for the elderly.

14. A shower-head that you can detach and hold in your hand eliminates the need to stand while showering. Being able to sit and shower also means more independence for the elderly.

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