8 Secrets To Renovation Of Old House Bathrooms

Here our renovation experts in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor share with you 8 secrets for your old house bathroom renovation project:

The bathroom is one of the more used rooms in the house. As house prices go up, more and more people choose to buy second-hand house. The old-fashioned bathrooms in the houses are inconvenient to use and many choose to renovate their bathrooms.

1. Use recessed storage when improving small-sized bathrooms: for example, hollowing out one wall of the bathroom, treating it as a shelving station.corner-bathtub

2. If you install a bathtub, choose a circular-arc-shaped bathtub to make full use of the corner area of the bathroom. 

3. Choose the more fashionable oval, bowl-shaped, egg-shaped washbasin are preferred. Today’s elliptical or round basins can meet the needs of different types of houses and are more pleasing to the eyes.

4. Some designers suggest to put the toilet area in the living room or at the entrance if conditions permit. In these type of design, the design style of the washroom and the living room or entrance must match. The bathroom colour should also be consistent with the overall colour scheme.

5. Use sliding glass doors to separate dry and wet spaces. glass-door-partition-for-bathrooms

6. Install a storage cabinet that can hold a variety of toiletries. Your bathroom will be less cluttered as the cabinet stores makeup and toilet  items such as spare toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes, hair dryers, electric razors, facial cleansers, and etc. In addition a hidden waterproof socket can be designed in the mirror cabinet for small electrical appliances.

7. For a bathroom with a small space design, make full use of the corner by using special-shaped products such as L-shaped, polygonal and arc-shaped steam shower rooms, bathtubs and so on.

8. Choose wall-mounted washbasins, toilets, etc. as this saves about 10 cm more than ordinary sanitary ware products, making the narrow bathroom more spacious.

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