10 Ways To Pick Colours To Make Small Rooms Look Bigger

Here are 10 ways to help you pick the right colours and make small rooms in your space in Kuala Lumpur or Selangor look bigger.

Nowadays many city apartments are offered for sale. The living space of city apartments is relatively small but is there anything we can do to small rooms appear bigger?

  1. The use of different shades of colour. Even a small space can be painted with a favourite colour. Bright colours make the space look bigger. living-room-furniture
  2. Use short furniture and pale ceilings. Small spaces generally have contrasting ceilings, and the small furniture and light-coloured ceilings make the space look bigger.
  3. Choose furniture with cool colours. Cool colours is the best colour for small rooms.
  4.  Use a single colour for the floor. Consistent colour floors make small rooms look bigger to the naked eye.bedroom-cabinets
  5. Paint the heater in the same colour as the set wall. This will make the heater blend in with colour of the wall and make the small room look quiet and tidy.
  6. Use dark cabinets in the kitchenette. If the cabinet is darker than the wall, it can make the kitchenette look bigger.
  7.  Hang chandeliers above the table. dining-room-renovation
  8.  Use of customized furniture of appropriate dimensions. Customized furniture makes the most efficient use of room space.
  9.  Use translucent window curtains. This allows light to penetrate and light up the room.
  10. Do not use wallpapers with small pictures. The small pictures tend to make the room look smaller.

For more details on your bedroom renovation or living room renovation to make it look bigger, do get in touch with our customer service team.