Things You Must Consider Before Starting Your New Home Renovation

These days people like to buy houses without renovations as they like to decorate their houses according to their preferences and style, but there are some things you must consider before starting your new home renovation project in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

Although we do not understand decoration, we must clearly understand our own needs so that we can carry out decoration purposefully. If we carry out residential renovations which considering these important things, we will certainly regret it as we will have spent a lot of money and we will not be satisfied with the results.

Before the house or bedroom renovation, we must determine the decoration style and set a budget.

After determining the decoration style, we need to determine the number of people staying in your new house and divide the size of the rooms according to the living needs of each person.

If it is a newly-married couple who does not live with their parents, then this aspect is hardly considered.

If you live with your parents, then we must consider the decoration style of the parent’s room. After all, there is a generation gap. Their aesthetics and some habits of life are different from yours.

office-renovation-kuala-lumpurThen we need to consider the decoration of the entire house, and we must take into account the tastes of all members and even the feng shui of the house.

Then we must confirm the placement of the wardrobe cabinets and other storage cabinets.

We must consider the actual location and contents of the cabinets when purchasing this furniture, for example, how many pairs of shoes we plan to put on the shoe cabinet, and the amount and type of clothes, etc we need to put in the wardrobe cabinets. You also need to do the same for your kitchen cabinets.

living-room-renovation-works-kuala-lumpurA dining area is a place where we must plan well. Some people prefer to use the living room as the dining area.

No matter where the dining area is located, we have to take into account the number of daily meals served, and if we will often use the dining area to hold parties.

If we want to use a dining area to hold a party, then we need to provide the dining area with a number of dining cabinets, wine cabinets and stereos, and so on.

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