Match The Colours In Your Home


Many homeowners in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor are worried that if the colours is not well matched, the effect on their house decoration could be disastrous, so they are reluctant to try new colour ideas.

blue-theme-living-room-decorationFollow the easy to use guidelines to match the colours in your home.

Black, white, gold, silver, gray, etc. can be matched with all colors

Black or white are two colours are originally unharmonious. If match together can create a harmonious look.

There must be a primary or secondary colour in the room to create the desired cold or warm effect.

The light colour in the room can make the room look wider.

apartment-kitchen-renovationChoosing light or cool colours for a room will make the air feel fresh and airy.

The colour of the wall skirt should be coordinated with the colour of the wall surface. The colour should be darker than the wall color.

The colour of the floor should generally be less intense than the colour of the wall so that it has a stable visual effect.

The colour of the accessories such as window frames and the door frames should not contrast too much with the wall colour.

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