Colours Theme For Residential Spaces


Many homeowners in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor are not sure what colour theme to use for their houses. Moreover, some of them are weary if they make the wrong choice of colours for their wall, floor or lighting the effect on their house decoration could be disastrous, so they tend to stick to safer colour decisions for their residential space.

Here is some information on the features of each colour:

Black: A colour that is noble and can hide defects. It is suitable for white and gold, which plays an important role in making white and gold more dazzling.

white-living-room-decorationWhite: It will reflect all the light, and it has a sense of cleanliness and expansion. When used in home decoration white can increase the spaciousness of the space.

Red: It gives people a sense of burning and teasing. It can be applied but it is not advisable to use too much red colour as it easily produces anxiety which is not for the human body.

Yellow: This is a more lively colour. It is a symbol of health. It is healthy and bright because it is the most easily absorbed colour in the spectrum.

green-theme-living-room-colourOrange: It can generate power and induce appetite. It is a warm colour, and it also represents good health.

Green: It is a colour that makes people feel vigorous. However, green may sometimes create negative emotions and some people may have sensations of fainting, fatigue, and nausea.

Pink: This is a favourite colour filled for girls, it is very clear and beautiful. Pink gives the sensation of “tenderness”.

Blue: It is a more serious colour in that it creates endless delusions. Blue is also a very convenient colour as the blue environment makes people feel quiet and quiet.

blue-theme-living-room-decorationGold: It creates a luxurious atmosphere and is more commonly used in European-style designs. It can create a gorgeous effect and dazzling brilliance, which results in a fascinating feeling.

Gray: It is an extremely easy-going colour. If you use a variety of colours, you can use grey to create some harmony as grey is the middle colour between the two colours.

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