Replace Manhole Cover in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

We replace manhole cover that are missing in residential homes or private building area in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. 

A manhole cover is a piece of removable cover that make of metal or iron and it is used to cover the opening of the manhole to prevent anyone or anything from falling inside. 

Manhole can be categorised into private manhole and public manhole. Private manholes are located within your house compound whereas the public manholes are located outside of your house along the roads or sidewalks. 

Public manholes are covered with a round metal cover made of cast iron and embossed with “JPP” (Jabatan Perkhidmatan Pembetungan) or “Indah Water” (Malaysia’s national sewerage company). 

So it is important to check and inspect your manhole cover and see if it is rust or worn out. 

If yes, the rust or worn out manhole cover can become dangerous and you should get a manhole cover replace immediately. 

If there are blockages near your house manhole then the waste water will back flow to your house. 

This is usually caused by solid waste or objects block in the passage in the drain pipelines. 

You can engage a professional plumber or contact Indah Water department to provide blockage cleaning service at your private manhole. 

Your private manhole can be easily identified with one rectangle metal cover, usually located at the back of your house. 

Our skilled and experienced plumber can carry out manhole replace or repairs at your house. 

A regular inspection is required to make sure that your manhole cover is in good condition else if the manhole is rusted or worn out due to expose to sun and rain, it may be dangerous. 

Contact our team to enquire for manhole cover replace services right now or drop us an email for more information on how we can assist you with a FREE quote today.

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Our home’s manhole cover was missing after our vacation and posed a health and danger hazard. We called Space Reno for a manhole cover replacement service. Fast and efficient service – thank you!

Kenny Low

Frequently Asked Questions

How is my manhole service cost determined?

Our manhole cover replacement costs is based on the following factors:

  1. Your location and area where the manhole cover needs to be replaced
  2. Type manhole
  3. Timeline for the project
  4. Additional service required (if any) – manhole services
Which areas does your company cover?

Our manhole cover replacement service coverage area is inclusive of  KL and Selangor. Call us at 018-297-1729 to talk to our friendly customer service.

What information do I need to supply to get a quote?

We encourage that you take photos of the area where the manhole cover needs to be replaced. You can send your photos to We will arrange a free site inspection at your space to discuss your manhole cover replacement needs, budget, and timeline.

What is the payment terms ?

We collect a deposit once your home’s manhole cover replacement job is confirmed. The balance of the payment to be collected via online banking after job completed. For other payment methods, please call us at 018-297-1729.

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