Water Heater Installation in Kuala Lumpur, PJ, Shah Alam, Klang, Selangor

Are you looking for a contractor to assist you with a water heater installation or replacing an old water heater unit at your place in Kuala Lumpur, Shah Alam or Selangor? Get in touch with us today for pro handyman and plumbers that specializes in the proper installation for different popular brand models including Alpha, Joven, and Panasonic in this Klang Valley city.

As various property owners, an effective and efficient condensing water heater and storage system is an important element for your home especially after being in a room with cold air conditioning at low temperature for the whole day or during the rainy seasons in Malaysia where a warm bath for temporary insulation is greatly appreciated. 

Some important factors before you consider hiring a water heater installation service for commercial shop or residential purposes:

  • Usage of water in your house which is dependent on the number of family members using the water heater in the space as well as the frequency of hot water consumption
  • Type of features for different brands:

 – Instant hot water heaters – Choose and use the water heater with the best energy maintaining efficiency and avoiding losses for cost savings for bills in the long run 

 – Conventional Water Heaters – water is heated in a tank using gas or electric

 – Tankless Water Heaters  

 – Solar Water Heater – A product that has an active or passive solar system that utilizes the heat from the sun 

 – Hybrid Pump Water Heater

  • Location to be installed:

The location where it is placed is important as it will determine the entire plumbing requirements needed for the heating system to work well. Our scope has included onsite inspection and recommendations before our teams start the job and take out the new water heater you purchase from the box. Generally, most water heaters are located in the bathroom but there are some that are placed in the kitchen as well as the laundry area too.

For the bathroom, our water heater installer expert will advise the owner of the possible locations for an easy installation process, which is on the wall next to the shower area (the most common method as the hot water supply can be quickly transferred), outside the bathroom wall (if the bathroom space is small) and on the balcony outside of the bathroom.

Bear in mind that mounting and installing a water heater unit could be hard and dangerous as tripped power by a circuit breaker might occur. Do ensure that you hire local professional experts to check, support, replace or install it properly to reduce the risk of electrocution as the installations involve components of electricity such as switch and water even though it requires additional charges for your safety. 

In the circumstance where the customer needs instantaneous tankless water heater installation or removal of old water heaters model units as per their demand, our company is able to arrange and finish the task in hours or in the period that is requested with fast success in completing the task. We are always in standby mode and our supplier will provide the necessary items with delivery at the times you need which can save time and our workmanship surely will be worth the amount paid.

As reputable business service providers with experience, respective training is provided to our workers and we offer water heater replacement by providing regular maintenance service in emergency situations. We have got you covered and we will ensure the final results are delivered after checking with the highest upper-class standards to ensure we left customers with no defects in all supplies and no hidden fees and charges.

Our reliable technician team has a good reputation as many of our existing clients have contacted our electrician and plumber for help to solve their daily unforeseen household problems such as defective electrical items which required dismantling, piping, or wiring issues with affordable costs. 

Our experienced and trained specialist is always ready to serve you any day and week at an affordable cost. Our panel offers other major repair services for other problems you encountered such as ceiling and pipe leak issues, fix leaky faucets, and faulty items repairs (socket outlets and light switches) with the best servicing quality.

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Look no further for other companies and refer to us, pick up your phone, press the button, and call us for booking now. Whatsapp or send us a message for more information and you can gladly enjoy your hot showers immediately. 

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I called your company to replace my old water heater with a new one. I’m happy to say that I am satisfied with the water heater installation service provided. Thank you very much!


Frequently Asked Questions

How is my water heater installation cost determined?

Our water heater installation costs is based on the following factors:

  1. Your location and area where the water heater is to be installed
  2. Electrical works needed for the water heater installation
  3. Type of water heater to be installed
  4. Timeline for the project
  5. Additional service required (if any)

Which areas does your company cover?

Our water heater installation service coverage area is inclusive of  KL and Selangor. Call us at 018-297-1729 to talk to our friendly customer service.

What information do I need to supply to get a quote?

We encourage that you take photos of the area where the water heater is to be installed. You can send your photos to sales@spacereno.com. We will arrange a free site inspection at your space to discuss your water heater installation needs, budget, and timeline.

What is the payment terms ?

We collect a deposit once your water heater installation job is confirmed. The balance of the payment to be collected via online banking after job completed. For other payment methods, please call us at 018-297-1729.

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