Emergency Plumbing in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

Do you have an urgent plumbing issue and require fast and emergency plumbing services in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor?

Normally the new residential or industrial building projects plumbing systems are quite durable and lasting if we properly maintain it. But sometimes there are unknown plumbing issues such as leak if plumbers don’t take care and return it to normal immediately, the damage will become serious in one day. In the worst case scenario, it might cause disasters such as flooding and damage to your house.

In most cases, homeowners usually have no idea what to do if such an emergency case happens. They might call a specialist in their contact list to hopefully get the plumber team that has served works for solving the issue. 

But no plumber provides maintenance to their area without prior booking and most plumbers in KL are not open on weekends and at night. So it is a good idea to have the contact number that will provide for a reliable and professional plumber in Kuala Lumpur that is available and has served customers throughout 24 hour emergency plumbing service for many years with an affordable price.

Plumbing problems can be messy and expensive to repair especially if the problems have been there for a long time. For example, pipe leakage to some homeowners in Kuala Lumpur is a small matter but if you didn’t ask the plumbers that are specialize in this field to fix it immediately, the leaking area will become worse and one day it may cause a disaster e.g pipe burst and broken sensor and it will incurred more cost to repair and refurbish your house.

When an emergency is mentioned, normally it is an event or a problem that needs to be resolved immediately. For example when a pipe bursts, the surrounding area will be exposed to water, hence it might damage the surrounding decorations such as the wall paper, warping of wood panel, spoil the finishing and etc. The housing area might get flooded.

The first thing you need to do is to close the valve which is connected to the water meter at the valve box. Remove all items that could be damaged by water and contact our trusted experts in Kuala Lumpur immediately to avoid further damage. Close the doors and do not allow small children close to the area to ensure their safety. This is because they might touch some electrical appliances which may place your children in dangerous situations so you need to give them protection.

Other scenarios below could be categorised as emergency plumbing.

Examples of common emergency plumbing services in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor region  are tabulated as follows:

Plumbing Area Indication for Emergency Required
Floor trap not function

Caused clogging

Water start to accumulate on the toilet floor at a very quick rate

Water tank overflow valve not working

Water supply overflowing from the water tank pipes

Water dripping from the ceiling

Manhole clogging Water overflowing from the manhole
Faucet broke off from the pipe Water supplies gushing out from the pipe
Pipe bursting Water running out from pipe is uncontrollable
Part of the pipe broke off No stop cock or water valve to close portion of pipe to prevent water from drain
Wall suddenly becomes wet and water flowing from nowhere after renovation Investigation and need plumber to resolve immediately
Ceiling Fire security sprinkler faulty suddenly sprinkler non stop

One should never find themselves in a state of panic. It is important for you guys to call the plumber services in KL immediately before the situation worsens after an hour. Do not take things likely or attempt to do the repair yourself. If there is delay in resolving the problem, you might also be faced with wastage of water and a high water bill. 

Contact us today to get the best general and specific emergency plumbing and repairs services at Klang Valley and Jalan Petaling.

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The water pipes in our restaurant’s bathroom burst last week and there was water all over the bathroom area. Thank you to your team for rushing to our place quickly to fix our burst water pipes!

Puan Nadiah

Frequently Asked Questions

How is my emergency plumbing service cost determined?

Our emergency plumbing cost is based on the following factors:

  1. Plumbing service needed – the type of emergency plumbing works needed
  2. Cost of accessories and parts used for the plumbing service
  3. Timeline for the project
  4. Additional service required (if any) – repainting
Which areas does your company cover?

Our emergency plumbing service coverage area is inclusive of Klang Valley and Selangor. Call us at 018-297-1729 to talk to our friendly customer service.

What information do I need to supply to get a quote?

We encourage that you take photos of the issue that requires our emergency plumbing service. You can send your photos to sales@spacereno.com. We will arrange a free site inspection at your space to discuss your plumbing service needs, budget, and timeline.

What is the payment terms ?

We collect a deposit once your emergency plumbing service job is confirmed. The balance of the payment to be collected via online banking after job completed. For other payment methods,  please call us at 018-297-1729.

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