Kitchen Countertop Restoration and Repair in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

Are you looking for an expert for your kitchen countertop restoration or malfunctioning countertop repair, remodel, replace, removal, refinish and installation service in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor or Brickfields? 

We are your choice center for damage repair of any countertops such as chiller counter, bathroom counter, fridges counter, shop counter, sink counter and cabinets in your home in KL, Malaysia. If you have these problems, search no more as you have entered and log in to the right warehouse. 

Our company offers kitchen countertop table repair and design service for many years in areas such as Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Kepong, and Jalan Sentral Jaya with affordable cost.

We have a wide variety of best kitchen restoration and aftercare service available on popular materials range from natural and hard stone, solid wood, corian, granite, marble, black quartz, formica, and laminate and others like glass. 

We fix both little and medium-sized types of damage such as burn, wet stain, cracks, chips, etc. Whether it is a dent or crack in your work tops or a broken corner or chip of your kitchens. We would be happy to visit you at your home kitchen space or outdoor countertop to paint, repair the damage to your countertop. We would like to let our customer be satisfied with our service.

Our handyman is the best in carpentry works for the project. We have our pro man worker to help and guide our customer on easy tips and ways to do repair for their kitchen counter. 

We also offer a pro team to give customers solutions to their problems such as advice on construction of a countertop by experienced contractors.  

How we repair the damage to your countertop will be list at below

Do you no longer want to be bothered by this annoying damage to your marble, quartz or granite countertop or door? Then we will repair the damage for you.

To eliminate the damage, we first remove the loose parts from your old counters. We do this by repairing and milling the damage. We fill the spots with filler and harden and dry them with a powerlight with ultraviolet light.

Of course, we can provide polishing and cleaning services for your kitchen countertop so that the counter will shine like new again. We do this by sanding and polishing your counter from all sides including behind. This way we repair the surface damage so that scratches and other damage is a thing of the past.

Has a piece of your stone worktop door been broken off? Or are there scratches or dents in your countertop door?

Have your countertop made of gravel repaired in no time. Most main damage occurs during the placement of the worktop. Fortunately, our professional can skillfully and quickly repair your worktop using appropriate appliances.

After treatment from our professional, the damage to your floor or worktop is virtually invisible. With the right materials and techniques, we will make your gravel floor look new again. The room will show no sign of fixing and you wouldn’t see the crack.

Is the damage to your countertop because something has fallen from a top cupboard? Or accidentally damaged the edge of your steel worktop by inserting or removing the dishwasher? If left untreated, the counter would be bad for display. By using an innovative repair system, we are able to repair small to medium-sized damages for granite, marble, and composite materials on sides and corners of surfaces virtually invisibly and faithfully.

We start our repair by milling the damage so that any loose particles are removed. Then we fill the damage with a transparent filler, possibly together with glimmers and granulate grains (for larger damages) used. After this, we use the ultraviolet light of the powerlight to allow the filler material to harden. After polishing, the damaged spot will become shiny again by polishing.

The ceramic type of countertops have a lot of practical advantages such as low-maintenance, scratch-resistant and heat-resistant. Are ceramic counters then indestructible? Unfortunately in reality a ceramic counter is less resistant to impact damage (point load). As a result, flakes/chips can break loose, especially on the edges, if it is hit with, for example, a pan, kettle or wok. Fortunately, we can make these damages virtually invisible for you.

We can stabilize the counter with a plastic layer. By plastic counter we mean, among other things, plywood sheets that are provided with an HPL layer and sheets that are provided with a melamine layer.

In addition to the fall and impact damage, we can mend blisters from heat burn marks that have been caused by the deposition of hot pans. After removing loose particles, we fill the damage with a 2-component resin that has been coloured. After drying the resin we polish this surface using custom equipment and machine, after which the surface structure is mimicked and a possible decor is re-applied. As a finish, the blisters are sealed and wear-resistant (lacquer) layer.

You will benefit from the following – high quality service, flexible planning, professional fixing and our pro team’s broad knowledge and experience on kitchen improvements.

Please find us if you need or have needs for damage repairs to the kitchen counter and more in Seri Kembangan, Port Klang, and Kuala Lumpur because we have received good reviews from our sales customer. 

For timely renovation and a clean counter, you can make an appointment today simply via a call or sending an email online to our team in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for a FREE quote. You can call one of our customer centers at Kuala Lumpur or Selangor to get our support or buy products such as cabinets hardware.

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I called your team to help me to repair my kitchen countertop that were damaged. Some of the kitchen countertop tiles had become loose and some chipped off and needed fixing. Thank you for the reliable kitchen countertop repair service!

Megan Lai

Frequently Asked Questions

How is my kitchen countertop repair cost determined?

Our kitchen countertop repair costs is based on the following factors:

  1. Type of kitchen countertop repair service required – replacement for damage or loose tiles
  2. Size of kitchen countertop
  3. Type of finishing materials used – for the kitchen countertop
  4. Timeline for the project
  5. Additional service required (if any) – kitchen sink repairs

Which areas does your company cover?

Our kitchen countertop repair service coverage area is inclusive of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Call us at 018-297-1729 to talk to our friendly customer service.

What information do I need to supply to get a quote?

We encourage that you take photos of the area of your kitchen countertop that needs to be repaired. You can send your photos to  We will arrange a free site inspection at your space to discuss your kitchen countertop repair needs, budget, and timeline.

What is the payment terms ?

We collect a deposit once your kitchen countertop repair job is confirmed. The balance of the payment to be collected via online banking after job completed. For other payment methods, please call us at 018-297-1729.

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