Wood Floor Repair in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

If you want to look for wood floor repair services in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area, then look no further as the pros from our company provide the best reliable and popular wooden flooring fixing works service at a reasonable cost.

Barely any element can include as much warmth, character, and appeal to a room as hardwood floors. Choose from a golden sparkle design drywall paint or profound dim finish decor, hardwood brings a touch of nature into your new home, kitchen, electrical appliances, cabinets, doors, windows, stairs, walls, fences, basement, countertops, gutters, porches and sets an intriguing temperament from the rooms to outdoor garden landscaping and decks.

For the most part, hardwood floors are sturdy and simple cleaning is required for their upkeep (also better for sensitivities), but rather they do get the infrequent gouge, scratches, mold, or zone of wear. Luckily, you can, as a rule, settle, control, and clean these small flaws rapidly and effectively yourself or engage our professional wood floor repair service.

Wear Spots

In high-movement places, the complete, color and stain can wear far slower than from your concrete, carpet, or hardwood floors, leaving the wood uncovered and making an outwardly ugly fix. In such cases, using refinishing tools and sanding techniques on the influenced floor zone, reaching out past the harmed segment of the floor by around an inch.

Attempt to sand to the edges of sheets with the goal that when the repair is done, it will look more common. This is best done utilizing fine-grained sandpaper for this activity and ensure when you’re set that the floor is as smooth as glass.


The coarseness of shoes, excessively eager and friendly pets, and substantial things such as stones that have been dropped or moved would all be able to leave scratches and deep damage on your valuable hardwood floors.

On the off chance that you have light surface scratches on the floors, all that may be required to make them blur is the use of a simple liquid wood scratch-away product that can be bought off the shelf, which cleans and cleans wooden floors while lessening the presence of scratches.

In the event that the scratches are more profound, at that point you’ll need to adhere to the guidelines above, sanding the floor down to the base of the scratch before restaining as well as revamping or just engaging our skilled wood repair services.


In the event that the harm to your hardwood floor goes past a straightforward scratch and moves into the classification of a gouge staining, at that point you’ll require to apply filler to repair the scratch before sanding, recolouring, remodeling, and completing, in light of the fact that it would just be unfeasible to sand to the base of the imperfection.

Our tips, mixing sticks, or completing putty functions admirably on these kinds of repairs.

Why hire our top wood floor repair service?

On the off chance that you tuck up your sleeves and do the flooring repair and installation yourself, it’s anything but difficult and energy-consuming to pound the nails and tacks in all the wrong places, apply excessive glue, damage the foundation or supplant the wood planks mistakenly.

In either case, you may even confine your wood flooring development, which will prompt a wide range of fixing costly issues later on. A qualified authority such as our pro team will know how to repair your wood floors efficiently and effectively.

Types of wood floor repair we offer:

For all projects, our group of wood flooring experts and interior designers will make sure and prepare an assortment of systems used to introduce, resurface, sand, repair, and upkeep your wood floors. Our expert wood floor professionals help to work faultlessly to introduce, restore, sand, wax or repair any kind of hardwood flooring in your private or business space.

Search no further for your wood or laminate floor repair project. Please call our pro team now via a call or email for a free price estimate. Be rest assured that we only offer the best service for you. Let our professional wood floor repair service refinish, remodel, remove and repair your floor on any day. Read our past customer testimonial review and sign up and try our service now!

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The hardwood floors in our bungalow in Kajang needed some repair work done as it had worned out over the years. The wood flooring team helped with sanding, cleaning the floor’s surface and lastly polishing it for a shiny new look. Thank you very much!
Mr Gary Phua

Frequently Asked Questions

How is my wood floor repair cost determined?

Our wood floor repair costs is based on the following factors:

  1. Size of the floor
  2. Condition of current wood floors and what needs to be repaired
  3. Timeline for the project
  4. Additional service required (if any) – painting service

Which areas does your company cover?

Our wood floor repair service coverage area is inclusive of  KL and Selangor. Call us at 018-297-1729 to talk to our friendly customer service.

What information do I need to supply to get a quote?

We encourage that you take photos of your wooden floors that requires repair in your space. You can send your photos to We will arrange a free site inspection at your space to discuss your wood flooring repair needs, budget, and timeline.

What is the payment terms ?

We collect a deposit once your wood floor repair service job is confirmed. The balance of the payment to be collected via online banking after job completed. For other payment methods, please call us at 018-297-1729.

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