Lighting Provides The Finishing Touch

Lighting is an important part of home furnishings as they provide the finishing touch for your house in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. It is an essential item for homes and a well designed need to pay attention to the lighting used throughout the house. There are so many different styles of lighting.

Let’s take a look at how to choose the right home lighting according to the housing environment.

Wall lamp in the corridor

Correct choice of wall mounted lighting gives the corridor a elegant look. If the corridor is long, it is recommended to have ceiling mounted lights on the top with matching wall lighting.

living-room-lighting-installation-service-klChandelier in the living room

There is no stipulation on what kind of lamps must be used in the living room. The specific choices are determined according to the size of the living room and the style of decoration. If you have a small space, you can choose a main light.

If you have a large space, you can use a variety of lamps to create an atmosphere. It should be noted that the living room is the place to meet guests, so the light must be sufficient. Common lighting styles include chandeliers plus downlights or light strips.

dining-room-lighting-installationChandelier and lampshade in the dining area

In the dining area the lighting can be chosen according to the shape of the table. For example, it is suitable to install a chandelier of appropriate height above the square dining table, and it should be equipped with a lampshade.

If the dining table is round or long, in addition to the long chandeliers that can be installed directly above, a concealed downlight can be installed on the ceiling as an auxiliary light source.

Soft lights in the bedroom

The bedroom is a place for rest and sleep is its main role. The choice of lighting in the bedroom should also be based on sleep. Use soft lights to create a relax atmosphere and the bedroom lighting color is best based on warm and warm yellow.

bathroom-lighting-installationIncandescent in the bathroom

Although energy-saving lamps are very useful, incandescent lamps are more suited for the bathroom. Bathroom lamps are generally characterized by short-term and in-frequent use.  The Incandescent lamps have a fast start-up speed, and with short turned on times, the energy consumption is limited.

In terms of luminaire styling, the bathroom fixtures should be ceiling lamps or wall mounted lamps. Pay attention to the moisture and water resistance of the lamps. The shape of the wall lamps generally avoids the damage caused by water vapor.

The above is an introduction to the choice of home lighting. If you want to know more about our light installation service, speak to our experienced customer service team today.