Tips When Hiring a Tile Installer in KL For Your Home


A tile installer is a professional team that will help you to install tile at your house. They are in charge to ensure your tiles are installed from start to completion. The tiling contractor will cut the tiles, perform all of the wet work and install the tiles according to your preference. 

It is important to hire the best tile installer near you because it will contribute to the overall aesthetics of your tiled floor or walls. If you’re planning to redesign or renovate your home, it is a good time to find the best tile installer to assist you with your bathroom or kitchen tiling project.

Here Are Some Tips When Hiring a Tile Installer in KL For Your Home:

  • Hire a professional company

It is important to hire a professional and reliable tiling contractor team to work on your home tiling project. 

  • Ask necessary and important questions 

Once you find a tile installer service, make sure to ask all necessary and important questions that you may have including the estimated cost for the tiling work and their tiling experience, if they have performed similar balcony tiling work before. 

  • Request to see samples of past tilling work in person or photos 

Ask to view their past work portfolio in person or for pictures. If they provide you with photo reference, you can zoom in to see how the tiles are laid, and joint and grouting to see the work details.

  • Get at least 3 quotations to compare services and pricing

Once you compiled all of the list of tile installation services you need, get at least 3 quotations from reliable renovation contractors in KL. It will help you to compare the services and pricing and decide on the best service provider that fits your budget and needs. 

  • Ask for written quotation on service details 

Ask them for a written quotation on the tiling service details to avoid any surprises in pricing. This will help to make you know more about the detailed work scope and the payment terms. 

  • Go tile shopping with your tile installer to find suitable tiles and get their expert advice

Seek the advice of the tiling contractor on how to choose the best tile material for your home and its related maintenance tips.

  • Pay attention to red flags or warning signs 

Beware of red flags including slow or no response from the tile installer, or if they are asking for full payment upfront, bad online reviews, and super low price. Do not engage with a service provider if you feel uncomfortable doing so.

  • Ask about waterproofing work before tiling 

It is important to ask about the waterproofing process before the floor tiling installation work is performed to prevent water damage to your home.

It is surely important to find the right tile installer for your home, shop or office. You need to engage a tiling team who are professional, experienced, and responsive to ensure a smooth and hassle free work process. Poorly installed wall tiles can lead to problems in the future.

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