What You Should Know About Wallpaper Installation Cost


Nowadays, wallpaper is very popular and there are plenty of choices but first, you need to consider wallpaper installation costs in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor before proceeding with your project. Wallpaper can be replaced easily to create a different atmosphere so it is the favourite of modern people.

For the sake of beauty, most people will still ask a professional master to carry out the wallpapering work. Unless you know how much the installation cost it will be inevitable you will pay more than the market rate for your wallpapering project.

How to estimate the price

First, find out how much the wallpaper cost per square meter which depends on the type of wallpaper material used – stickers wallpaper with PVC rubber surface or plain type wallpaper. Secondly, it takes into account the wallpaper installation glue and varnish price per square meter.

Also, consider the labour costs and installation costs charged by the contractor.

How to calculate the quantity of wallpaper needed

The total project cost of your wallpaper project depends on the area to be covered, the wallpaper type/design, and the construction environment.

When purchasing wallpaper, we often need to compare the price of different vendors to get the best deal at a price that meets our budget.

How to calculate the quantity of wallpaper you need:

Room circumference ÷ the width of the wallpaper = number of length

Wallpaper roll (meters)  = room actual height (meters) x number of length

Wallpaper installation fee – labour fee

feature-wall-wallpaperThe cost of labor to install wallpaper can be quite substantial. You should consult the merchant from who you are buying wallpaper for the wallpaper installation fee.

Most wallpaper sellers on the market will be able to quote the cost of installation. Therefore when purchasing wallpapers you are advised to ask for a quote for the installation of the wallpaper you are buying.

Some types of wallpaper require the base film to be applied with a special varnish when the wallpaper is installed. These will add to the total installation cost. cost of brushing the base film is extra.

Choose a firm that installs wallpaper professionally to ensure that the final product not only looks good but also lasts longer.

So, if you need wallpaper installation at home, the most convenient option is to contact our professional installer. We provide competitive rates and the best wallpaper solution for your homes.

For more details on wallpaper installation service for your walls, do get in touch with our customer service team today.