Function Of Various Lighting Fixtures

Let’s take a look at the function of various lighting fixtures for your space in Kuala Lumpur or Selangor.


living-room-lighting-installation-service-klGenerally chandeliers are suspended from the ceiling and are commonly used lighting fixtures. The size of the chandelier and the number of lamps are related to the size of the room.

The chandelier is generally 500~1000 mm from the ceiling, and the center of the light source is 750 mm from the flowering board. It can be hung high or low depending on the specific needs.

Ceiling lamps

These lamp types are directly mounted on the ceiling and different types include the downward projection lamps, incandescent ceiling lamps and fluorescent ceiling lamps. It is widely used.

However, the shape, layout, structure and materials used of the ceiling lamps should be considered according to the requirements of use, the structure of the ceiling and the aesthetic requirements. The scale of the luminaire should be compatible with the indoor space.

dining-room-lighting-installationUndercarriage lights

This refers to the hidden lamps embedded in the ceiling. This type of lamp fixture is seldom used in residential buildings.

Wall lamps

The wall lamp is a lamp mounted on a wall. It is a light fixture for people who have few interior decoration and supplementary lighting. Because it is closer to the ground, low wattage bulbs are generally used. The height of the lamp itself is 450~800 mm for large and 275~450 mm for small. The diameter of the lampshade is Ф150~250 mm, and the small Ф110~130 mm.

The distance between the lamps and the wall surface is roughly 95~400 mm. Large-lamps use 100-watt or 150-watt incandescent bulbs and smaller lamps use 40-watt or 60-watt incandescent bulbs. Nowadays, many people replace the incandescent bulbs directly with compact fluorescent lamps.

Activity lamps

These are lamps that can be freely placed as needed. Table lamps and floor standing lights are these class of lamps.

The diameter of the lampshade is 400~500 mm, and the 100 watt incandescent bulbs are often used. Table lamps lampshade is 250~450 mm and use 60-watt, 75-watt or 100-watt incandescent bulbs;

There are many types of lighting fixtures and lamps. When purchasing, you can choose according to the style, function and personal preference of each room.

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