Creative Bathroom Wall Tiles Ideas



The value of your house bathroom in Kuala Lumpur or Selangor can be determined by the wall tiles, hence read some of the creative bathroom wall tiles ideas below.

white-bathroom-wall-tilesThe bathroom is a functional place that includes several functions such as washing, toilet and shower, and there may be restrictions on its decoration. If you don’t want the bathroom to be boring, try starting with the wall tiles.

Here are some bathroom wall tiles ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

The white bricks are bright and tidy, plus letter elements, adding fun like a scrabble.

Bright colors such as yellow and wood color will make the bathroom crowded, but with white wall tiles as the main body, it will be much wider visually.

contrast-bathroom-wall-floor-tilesThese tiles make the bathroom not look monotonous, and the retro style of the bathroom is just right. Just using one side is just right, too much is dazzling.

White wall tiles make the bathroom look cleaner and more elegant.

Choose a floor tile pattern and colour that matches well with the wall tiles.

The creative black and white colorblock wall sticker, the hexagon shape is a very special geometric figure.

The overall look is futuristic.This two colour design is more artistic than a pure white monochrome wall sticker.

blue-fish-scale-bathroom-wall-tilesFish scales quietly rise effect in the bathtub. This makes you feel like a mermaid in minutes.

Wallpapers can help create pleasant effects.

Get a good set of wallpapers for your bathroom.

The wallpaper of the animal elements, don’t mention how cute it is, it seems to be playing with you!

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