How To Clear The Floor Drain?


Are you looking for info online on how to clear the floor drain in your bathroom in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor?

Each time the shower is used when someone bathes the hairs falls down and is embedded on the surface of the floor drain.

The floor drain in the bathroom is always the pain of the long-haired girl or if there are many people sharing the same bathroom shower on a regular basis.

Not only does it cause a blockage after a period of time, but it also accumulates dirt and bad smells.

At this time, use some effervescent tablets to clear the blocked floor drain by using one or two effervescent tablets are dropped it into the ground.

If there is no effervescent tablets available in hand, it can be replaced by baking soda. Then pour in some vinegar and rinse with hot water after a few minutes. This method should clear your blocked floor drain.

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