How To Clean The Bathroom Shower Head?

Your bathroom is unhygienic as you may lack the understanding of cleaning especially on how to clean the bathroom shower head that we use almost daily, don’t fret and read these tips from our experienced plumber in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

What is a bathroom? It is a place we use in our daily lives. Have you ever thought about your life every morning, while you are in the bathroom, whether you living in a safe and healthy environment?

replace-old-bathroom-shower-head-klang-valleyShower heads are the most commonly used necessities in the bathroom and can often be the most easily overlooked corners to clean.

It does not seem to be dirty. Most people misunderstand the shower.

In fact, its outer surface and inner surface are prone to water scale deposits and soap scums. Not to be concerned as the water scale deposits can be easily removed with vinegar.

Simply mix water and vinegar in a ratio of 1:1. Pack them into plastic bags.

Remove the shower head and immerse it in a sealed bag. Knot the sealed bag.

Let it stand for half an hour and rinse it with hot water to ensure a new clean shower head look!

For more tips on how to clean your bathroom shower head or clear an old stuck one, do call our experts for more info on this issue. Do also consider engaging our expert water heater installation service if you are planning to replace a faulty water heater unit.